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The Pardoner's Tale - adapted from Chaucer, illustrated by Holly Swain:

This retelling of Chaucer’s classic tale was published by Heinemann in their Literacy World series of plays for schools compiled by Irene Yates, primary editor Mary Mackill. Paul’s earlier adaptation of the Greek myth “Odysseus and the Cyclops” was also part of this series.

Paul retells the tale in rhyme:
Pardoner:In the corner, three gamblers, Ace, Jack and Joker
Were drinking and playing a card game called poker
They were looking for trouble, but just in time
A church bell rang and they heard its chime!
Joker: Hear that lads? That’s the funeral bell
Sending someone to Heaven, or Hell.
Jack: I wonder, who is it? How did they die?
Ace: Who cares! Fetch more ale Jack! It’s your turn to buy!

  • Publisher: Heinemann
  • Date:1999