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Moving On:

Passengers - series 7 - ep 2 of 5 - Ronnie

Series of dramas linked by a central theme: how to 'move on' and pass turning points in life.

When septuagenarian Ronnie is told he can't drive anymore, it is his worst nightmare. He loses his freedom and his connection to the life he once led. But when he finds that next-door neighbour Helen has never taken her test, he offers to teach her for free if she will help him with his weekly trips to the shops and to church. Previously strangers to one another, Ronnie begins to suspect that Helen is being abused by her new partner Tony. He takes it upon himself to try and help, despite Helen's vehement pleas to mind his own business.

  • Broadcaster: BBC One
  • Transmission: 23rd February 2016
  • Produced by:Company
  • Producer: Jimmy McGovern