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A debut play by the Mancunian actor Andrew Sheridan. Winner of the prestigious Bruntwood Award in 2008.

Winterlong is the story of Oscar (Harry McEntire, smashing), who has been brought up in a bleak world that echoes with the distant sound of gunfire and explosions, but where damage is being done much closer to home. Oscar is abandoned by his mum, Helen (Rebecca Callard), and her unstable partner (Laurence Mitchell) and left with his grandparents, John (Paul Copley) and Jean (Gabrielle Reidy), who don't want him either, and whose own relationship is encased in permafrost.

Manchester Royal Exchange Studio 2nd to 19th Feb then Soho Theatre, West End 23rd Feb to 12th March
  • Writer: Andrew Sheridan
  • Director:Sarah Frankcom
  • Performances:2011