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The Frontline:


Saturday night outside Camden tube; God, strip bars, weed, crack, lost old men, unemployed actors and vegans all collide in a riptide of chaos on the streets of London. There’s Beth the reformed Christian and Erkenwald the hot-dog seller, old Ragdale on a quest to find his daughter, Mordechai Thurrock the actor- playwright and ego-maniac, and Cockburn, Elliot, and Clayton the dealers and junkies, whose trade both sustains and destroys the lives of those around them.

In this vibrant and blackly comic play, a dozen private stories emerge, and their voices give utterance to a storm of subjects and feelings: pop culture and sexual fantasy, the ruins of empire and the delusions of religions, foreign oil and prehistoric London. Che Walker, winner of the George Divine Award, and regular playwright for the Royal Court, brings to the Globe stage a panorama of contemporary London, encompassing the cruel and the tender, the gutter and the stars.

  • Writer:Che Walker
  • Director:Matthew Dunster
  • Music:Olly Fox
  • Performances:2008
  • Theatre:Shakespeare's Globe, London