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The Archers:

Leonard Berry

“A contemporary drama in a rural setting” - The Archers started life, in Ambridge of course, in 1950 and is now heading for 19,000 episodes.
Since early Spring 2019 Paul has enjoyed playing Leonard Berry, a retired chartered surveyor living in Borchester. He is a widower with a son, Simon, who lives in Singapore.
He met Jill Archer, with whom he now has a burgeoning relationship, whilst helping out at the nursing home The Laurels. In order to impress/please her he’s not been above telling the odd white lie about his prowess as a water-colourist!

  • Broadcaster: BBC Radio Four
  • Transmission: 2019 -
  • Producer: Julie Beckett
  • Editor: Jeremy Howe
  • Creator:Godfrey Baseley