1974     -     Alfie Darling dir. Ken Hughes part of Bakey *
1976     -     A Bridge Too Far United Artists dir. Richard Attenborough part of Pte. Wicks *
1978     -     On a Paving Stone Mounted BFI dir Thaddeus O’Sullivan part of Angry Man
1979     -     Zulu Dawn Samarkand Prod. dir. Douglas Hickox part of Pte. Storey *
1982     -     Dolls Eye BFI/Channel 4 dir Jan Worth part of Social Worker *
1983     -     The Monkey Parade BFI writer Nick Dear prod Iain Brown dir Ann Foreman part of Music Hall female impersonator *
1984     -     Ends and Means Trade Films/Channel 4 dir Stuart MacKinnon part of Boatman
1986     -     Fish 'n Ships Praxis Films/Channel 4 (narrator) *
1987     -     War and Remembrance ABC Entertainment Inc.dir.Dan Curtis part of Dagget
1989     -     The View from the Woodpile Central TV dir. Ken Loach (voice-over)
1991     -     Dispatches - The Arthur Legend dir. Ken Loach (voice-over)
1991     -     How's Business Children's Film Unit dir. Colin Finbow part of Uncle Jack
1993     -     The Remains of the Day Merchant Ivory dir. James Ivory part of Harry Smith
1996     -     Jude Obscure Films dir. Michael Winterbottom part of Mr Willis
1997     -     Shut Up Cowboy Films dir. Nick Lewin - short promo for 'Index of Censorship' - made primarily to precede film premiere of Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' *
1998     -     Written in Blood aka Driven Earthbound Films dir. Simon Cox part of Brian (psychotherapist)
2000     -     Blow Dry West Eleven Films prod. Ruth Jackson/Sydney Pollack dir. Paddy Breathnach part of Ken (undertaker)
2008     -     A Distant Mirage Distant Mirage Films – an English/Hindi film written and directed by Harbhajan Virdi – part of Mr Morris
2008     -     Sniff - short film written and dir by Christine Jones prod Stephen Wilmot Kaleidos Productions (2-hander with Angela Douglas) – part of Harry
2009     -     Acquiescence – short film written and dir by Tiffany Freisberg prod Jacquie Glanville – part of Paul (Father)
2010     -     BFI issue of re - mastered dvd of Black Jack (1979) adapted from Leon Garfield’s story and directed by Ken Loach (short voice over)
2011     -     The Infectious Imagination of Henry Bramble – Hopscotch Films - short film written and directed by Derek Boyes prod. Annabel Bates and Charlotte Wontner – part of Great Uncle Geoffrey
2011     -     The Day My Nan Died– Corner Table Productions – short film written and directed by David Willing prod. Marion Pilowsky – part of Peter
2013     -     Tea Time in Howarth short by Chris Smith – Cofilmic films - dir. Mark Davenport prod. Janet Harrison – part of Graham
2014     -     The Nest Egg – short by Lee Sutton - Stealing Horses Productions Ltd – dir Lucy Patrick Ward – prod Martina Silcock – part of Ernie
2015     -     A Special Guest – short written and directed by Kae Bahar – Blindfold Shoes Ltd/Footprint Films Ltd – prods Jackie Shepherd & Mark Blaney – part of Harold
2017     -     What Does an Idea Sound Like? – short written and directed by Jacob Perlmutter – part of the Veterans Work Campaign Deloitte UK promoting careers in business for service veterans – prods Alice Driver, Emily Shaw, Anna Bolton and the Drive Project Team – contributions from Matt Barber, Richard Wilson, Olivia Poulet, Michelle Collins, Larry Lamb, Nick Knowles, Joanna Lumley and veteran Rav Wilding – part of Paul
2017     -     Thousand Yesterdays - short film written by Robbie Bryant/Rhys Hill/Tom Bailey – Zebrafish Media – dir. Robbie Bryant - prods. Fred Bonham Carter/Franziska Lindner – part of Charlie Rainbird
2019     -     Ropeless– short film written by Andrea Carrino and shot during September on the Italian Apennine plateau Campo Imperatore – dir. and prod. Andrea Carrino (prizewinner at Berlin Flash Film Festival 2017 for his film “Wind Back”)
2021     -     Tomorrow Today - Little Monk Pictures - short film for IMAX showing during COP26 (held at the SEC Centre in Glasgow, from 31 October to 13 November 2021) - writer & director Colin O’Toole, producer Nadia Jaynes - part of Arthur
2022     -     Downton Abbey - A New Era - 2nd movie after the huge international success of the TV series - writer/producer Julian Fellowes - prod. Gareth Neame/ Liz Trubridge for Carnival Films/Focus Features and Universal - dir. Simon Curtis. Part of Albert Mason.

1973     -     Speech Day BBC 1 Play for Today by Barry Hines prod Graeme McDonald dir. John Goldschmidt part of Woodwork Master
1975     -     Days of Hope BBC 4 films by Jim Allen, dir.Ken Loach prod.Tony Garnett part of Ben Matthews *
1975     -     Churchills People. BBC 2 - The Lost Island by Robert Muller dir. Philip Saville prod. Gerald Savory part of Viventius the Monk
1975     -     Diane BBC by David Agnew dir. Alan Clarke prod. Mark Shivas
1975     -     Trinity Tales BBC series by Alan Plater prod. David Rose part of Dave the Joiner
1975     -     Eleventh Hour – The Midas Connection BBC TV (live Tx) by David Edgar dir Mike Newell – topical, ironic take on gold dealing in the city – series of Friday night plays prepared and rehearsed during the preceding week and broadcast live – part of Bank of England porter in gold vaults.
1976     -     Arnhem – The Story of an Escape BBC film dir Clive Rees prod. Innes Lloyd part of Pte. Finnegan
1976     -     Chester Mystery Plays BBCTV Play of the Month dir. Piers Haggard part of Judas (Jesus played by Tom Courtney)
1977     -     Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson dramatised by John Lucarotti BBCTV 4 part series dir.Michael E. Briant prod Barry Letts part of Ben Gunn in eps 3 & 4 1st Tx Oct16th – 6th Nov 77 rptd. May 79
1977     -     The Secret Army Ep 6 Second chance by James Andrew Hall BBC TV dir. Paul Annett part of Flight Sergeant Eric Finch - guest lead *
1977     -     Some Enchanted Evening Granada TV play by C.P.Taylor dir. Bill Gilmore part of Peter - lead role
1977     -     Glad Day Thames TV – music drama on life of Wm Blake – words by Adrian Mitchell – settings and music by Mike Westbrook – dir John Michael Phillips – part of Samuel Turner
1978     -     The Turkey Who Lives on the Hill BBC TV Play of the Week by Sean McCarthy – dir Alex Marshall – prod. Tara Prem – part of Bill Tx 15/2/1978
1978     -     Mucking Out BBCTV Second City Firsts play by Robert Holman dir. Derek Lister prod. Tara Prem - 2 hander with Ray Smith as Thomas – part of Brian 1st Tx May 78
1978     -     Destiny BBC play by David Edgar dir. Mike Newell part of Paul
1978     -     Travellers BBC film by Stan Barstow dir. Keith Evans lead role *
1978/79     -     After Julius Yorkshire TV 3 part mini-series by Elizabeth Jane Howard dir. John Glenister part of Daniel Brick
1979     -     Turning Year Tales – BBC Bristol for BBC2 - Dear Harriet fifth in series of seven filmed plays– writer & dir John Elliot – prod. Alistair Reid – part of Tim (lead role - motorcycling history prof.) Tx 8/07/1979
1979     -     Cries from a Watchtower BBC play by Stephen Lowe dir. Giles Foster lead role
1979     -     Strangers drama series Granada TV – ep Call of the Wild – dir Baz Taylor – part of Des White
1979     -     Happy BBCTV Playhouse play by Derrick Buttress dir. Derek Lister prod Peter Ansorge part of Vernon (lead) 1st Tx April 1980 *
1980     -     Jackanory – The Runaway by Gillian Cross, dir in 5 eps Pauline Carter, prod Angela Beeching – filmed at Ealing Studios – part of storyteller – 1st Tx March 80
1980     -     Death of a Princess ATV Controversial drama/doc. dir. Antony Thomas prod. Martin McKeand part of ex-pat. carpenter Steve Jackson *
1980     -     Minder series 2 ep 10 The Old School Tie made by Euston Films for ITV– part of Terry’s (Dennis Waterman) old school mate George Palmer – dir James Gatward *
1980     -     Juliet Bravo ep Oscar by Keith Dewhurst dir Derek Lister – part of Harold Coop *
1980/83     -     God's Story Yorkshire TV series writer/prod. Oliver Hunkin part of narrator *
1980     -     A Brush with Mr Porter on the Road to Eldorado BBC play by Don Haworth dir. Baz Taylor lead role *
1981     -     Worlds End BBC TV series by Ted Whitehead prod Colin Tucker dir Pedr James part of Businessman father returning from Hong Kong (1 ep)
1981     -     West End Tales – 1 ep The Mug Punter of series in 7 eps by Keith Waterhouse dir James Gatward prod Colin Frewin – part of Mug Punter
1981     -     A Room for the Winter BBC play by Rose Tremain dir. Jim Goddard
1981     -     P.Q. 17 BBC play based on WW2 naval action *
1982     -     Ghost in the Water BBC Childrens’ drama part of Mr Reed *
1983     -     The Gathering Seed BBC series by Jim Allen dir.Tom Clegg part of Father *
1984     -     All the World's a Stage BBC TV history of drama in 13 eps by Ronald Harwood – ep 4 Mysteries dir Keith Cheetham part of Jesus 1st Tx Feb 84 *
1984     -     Big Deal drama series 1 ep dir Carol Wiseman – part of ----- (arsonist) *
1984     -     The Bright Side Regent Prods./Channel 4 6 part comedy series by Willis Hall dir.William G. Stewart part of Lionel Bright (leading role)
1984     -     The Bird Fancier BBC play-on-film prod. Terry Coles dir. Bill Hays support char.
1984     -     Hotel Amigo TSW for ITV 50 min music drama by Mike and Kate Westbrook dir. Derek Fairhead part of emcee
1985     -     Dangerous Journey Yorkshire TV/Channel 4 series telling story of 'Pilgrim's Progress' written and prod. by Oliver Hunkin part of narrator *
1985     -     Juliet Bravo ep Talk To Me part of Arthur Steadwell *
1985     -     Silas Marner BBC film-of-novel dir. Giles Foster part of William Dane*
1985     -     Thunder Rock BBC play by Robert Ardrey dir. Mike Vardy part of Briggs *
1986     -     Oedipus at Colonus BBC play by Sophocles adapted and dir. Don Taylor part of Local Man
1986     -     The Mistress BBC comedy series by Carla Lane dir. Gareth Gwenlan part of Jamie *
1986     -     Our Geoff BBC play about Geoffrey Boycott by Andrew Nickolds dir. Baz Taylor support char. *
1987     -     Zig-Zag - The Vikings BBC Education series (latest TX Nov. 1995) *
1987     -     Gruey BBC Children's series by Martin Riley dir. Roger Singleton-Turner part of Mr. Grucock *
1988     -     Young Charlie Chaplin Thames TV film series dir. Baz Taylor support char. *
1988     -     Gruey Twoey BBC Children's series (second) part of Mr. Grucock *
1989     -     Testimony of a Child BBC film by Lucy Gannon dir. Peter Smith part of The Teacher *
1989     -     Clean Slate BBC Educational Magazine Prog. 2 eps. part of teacher Mr Long from King Street Junior *
1989     -     Daytime Live BBC Lunchtime Magazine Prog. discussion and illustration (with Natasha Pyne) of Cherub's touring production of Twelfth Night for Shakespeare's birthday *
1990     -     Landmarks - Christopher Columbus BBC/Coronet USA dramatisation for 50th Anniversary prod./dir. Sue Weeks part of Cynical Sailor 1st Tx Oct 1992 BBC2 *
1990     -     The Paradise Club Zenith/BBC film series ep 8 of 20 The Rotherhithe Project (guest lead ) dir. Brian Ward prod Selwyn Roberts 1st TX Nov 1990 *
1990     -     Grange Hill BBC Children's series dir. Albert Barber part of Outward Bound Instructor 2 eps.
1990     -     The Bill - Housey-Housey Thames TV (guest shared lead 1 ep.) police series – part of Mr Abbott *
1991     -     Scene - Collision Course BBC Education/Youth TV film drama in 2 parts dir. Roger Tonge part of Father
1991     -     Trainer BBC film drama series ep.10 A Little Touch of Magic in the Night prod. Gerard Glaister dir. Frank Smith part of rogue stable lad – guest lead *
1991     -     Stay Lucky Yorkshire TV film comedy/drama series ep A Roman Empire by Alan Whiting prod. Andrew Benson dir. Lawrence Gordon Clark guest lead Michael (Magician)
1992     -     The Seven Deadly Sins - Gluttony by Michael Sadler BBC Features film series prod./dir. Jonathan Gili part of Tubby Biggs *
1992     -     Heartbeat Yorkshire TV film drama series Ep 5 - Nowt but a Prank" by Barry Woodward dir. James Ormerod part of Dick Radcliffe (shared lead) *
1992     -     Rides II Warner Sisters/BBC film drama series dirs. Di Patrick/Andrew Morgan support char. role *
1992     -     Dark Horses Wall to Wall TV/Channel 4 Feature on D.H.Lawrence and sexuality part of narrator *
1993     -     Harry Episode 1 of Union Pictures/BBC film drama series dir. Mary McMurray part of Thomas Thomas (guest shared lead) *
1993     -     A Pinch of Snuff Yorkshire TV film drama in 3 parts dir. Sandy Johnson part of Charlie Hepplewhite *
1993     -     Cracker Granada TV film drama series by Jimmy McGovern dir. Michael Winterbottom part of Pathologist (story 1 series 1 – “Mad Woman in the Attic”) *
1994     -     Roughnecks First Choice/BBC film drama series dir. Sandy Johnson part of Ian Pollard - Chief Mechanic aboard oil-rig Osprey Explorer *
1994     -     The Bill - Public Spirit Thames TV series dir. Sue Dunderdale part of Hawkins (guest lead) *
1994     -     Cracker II Granada TV film drama series ep.dir. Tim Fywell part of Pathologist ( story 1 series II – “To Be A Somebody”) *
1994     -     Scene - No Charge by Michael Cook BBC TV Education dir. Kate Stonham prod. Cas Lester part of Paul
1995     -     Sloggers II ep 5 "Southward Ho!" BBC TV Children's series by Sid Waddell dir. Albert Barber part of Billy Tunnicliffe *
1995     -     Peak Practice III ep 5 "To Have and to Hold" Central TV series dir. Danny Hiller part of Tim Shardlow (guest shared lead) *
1995     -     The All New Alexei Sayle Show BBC TV Light Entertainment part of Desk Man in spoof sequence - "Ken Loach's 'Superman' " prod. Alan Nixon *
1995     -     Cracker III Granada TV award winning film drama series ep.dir. Roy Battersby, part of Pathologist (story 1 series III - "Brotherly Love" by Jimmy McGovern) *
1995     -     Casualty BBC TV drama series 10 - ep 16 " Castles in the Air" by Andrew Holden dir. Laurence Moody part of Frederick Chambers (guest lead) *
1996     -     This Life World Productions Ltd/BBC 2. Drama series in 11 eps. created by Amy Jenkins prod. Jane Fallon dir. Nigel Douglas part of Jerry Cook eps. 8-11 *
1996     -     Call My Bluff BBC TV panel game - chair: Bob Holness, team leaders: Alan Coren and Sandi Toksvig. prod. Helena Taylor Panellist - two shows on latter's team. *
1997     -     This Life II World Productions Ltd/BBC2 Second series (26 eps.) of cult drama - exec. producer Tony Garnett. Continuing role of Jerry Cook eps 1, 11 *
1997     -     The Lakes BBC TV Filmed drama serial in four parts by Jimmy McGovern. Prod: Charlie Pattinson Dir: David Blair. Part of Peter Quinlan. *
1998     -     Late Show - Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes BBC TV Arts Magazine prog. - reading excerpts from Hughes' poems to Sylvia Plath Prod: Charlotta Martinus *
1998     -     Hornblower I Meridian Broadcasting Ltd A series of four films “The Even Chance” “Examination for Lieutentant” “The Duchess and the Devil” and “The Frogs and the Lobsters” adapted from the stories by C. S. Forester Prod: Andrew Benson Dir: Andrew Grieve Part of Ordinary Seaman Matthews *
1998     -     The Lakes II Lakes Productions Ltd for BBC1 – second series (10 eps) created and written by Jimmy McGovern, with eps. by Joe Ainsworth, William Gaminara etc exec prod Charlie Pattinson prod Matthew Bird dirs. Bill Anderson, Sally Aprahamian, David Moore, Roberto Bangura. Part of Peter Quinlan *
1998     -     The Canterbury Tales Right Angle Productions for Channel 4 – animated films prod. Venetia Hawkes dir. Jonathan Myerson voices of January and The Man Who Cannot Die (Middle English version – adviser Chris Page )
1998     -     Queer as Folk RED Production Company for Channel 4 – serial in 8 eps by Russel T. Davies prod. Nicola Shindler dir. Sarah Harding. Part of Roy Maloney in eps 6 & 8 (repeated - Chan 4 - Feb 2000) *
1998     -     Silent Witness 1V – Film 1 “Gone Tomorrow” BBC TV by Tony Etchells / Niall Leonard prod. Lars Macfarlane dir. Matthew Evans Part of Chris Tillson *
1999     -     Holby City (series II ep. 1) “Search for the Hero” BBC TV by Joe Turner prod. Mervyn Gill-Dougherty/Yvon Grace dir. Michael Owen-Morris part of Jeff Jones (guest lead) *
1999     -     The Worst Witch (Series II eps 3,4,6,7,8) Global Arts Prods. British/Canadian co-prod. Filmed in Montreal and Twickenham Studios prod. Angela Beeching/Arnie Gelbert (Galafilm) directors – Andrew Morgan, John Smith. Part of wizard Algernon Rowan-Webb *
1999     -     Relative Strangers Little Bird Productions - Irish/German co-prod. Merrion Seven/Tatfilm – filmed (Dusseldorf and Dublin) serial in four parts by Eric Deacon prod. Lesley McKimm dir. Giles Foster Part of James Lessing first TX in UK as 2 hour TVM - Channel 5 24th July 2001
2001     -     Hornblower II Meridian Broadcasting Ltd - two further films for TV - Mutiny and Retribution - filmed in Menorca and at Pinewood Studios - prod. Andrew Benson - dir. Andrew Grieve - part of Acting Bo'sun Matthews TX 24th /25th March 2002 *
2001     -     Clocking Off II Red Productions for BBC TV episode 4 of second series - filmed in Manchester - exec prod. Nicola Shindler - prod. Juliet Charlesworth - dir. Ashley Pearce - part of Mal Aindow (co lead) *
2001     -     In Deep Valentine Productions for BBC TV – series 1 ep 5 'Ghost Squad' by Peter Jukes - prod. Steve Lanning/Nick Berry - dir. Colin Bucksey - part of Lenny Wendover – orig Tx 5th March 2001 *
2001     -     Mersey Beat BBC TV ep. 8 For Better for Worse by Joe Ainsworth prod. Ken Horn dir. Robert del Maestro - part of Ray Boulter *
2001     -     Peak Practice XII Carlton TV eps. 7 & 8 by Paul Coates prod. Neil Zeiger dir. Mark Roper/Graham Moore part of DS Patrick Hopkins *
2001     -     The Many Lives of Albert Walker Alliance Atlantis/Little Bird for BBC TV - TV film by Philip Palmer based on true story - prod. Sophie Gardiner - dir. Harry Hook - part of Daniel Peck first TX: BBC1 25th March 02 *
2002     -     Nice Guy Eddie L.A. Productions for BBC TV ep 3 of series by Johanne McAndrew - prod. Paddy Higson - dir. Alan Macmillan – part of Kevin Denton *
2002     -     Being April BBC TV ep 4 (‘Growing Pains’) of drama series by Pete Lawson – prod. Deb Jones – dir. Claire Winyard – part of Michael *
2002     -     Dalziel & Pascoe BBC TV Series VII Film 1 (‘The Unwanted’ by Manjit Sinngh) of film series prod. Annie Tricklebank – dir. Patrick Lau – part of Jack Henslowe *
2003     -     Hornblower III Two further films for Meridian (Granada + A&E) “Loyalty” by Niall Leonard and “Duty” by Stephen Churchett – filmed (May to Aug 02) in Cornwall/Devon/Oxford & Pinewood Studios – prod Andrew Benson – dir Andrew Grieve – part of Acting Bo’sun Matthews – 1st TX 5/6th Jan 03 ITV1 *
2003     -     Burn It Episode 10 of 10 ep series – Red Productions for BBC TV (opening of BBC3) by Matt Greenhalgh. Prod. Tom Sherry – dir. Ed Fraiman – part of Terry Grimshaw
2003     -     The Key Ep 3 of three part film by Donna Franceschild – Key Films/Little Bird for BBC TV – prod. Sue Austin – dir. David Blair – part of Dave (NUM official) *
2003     -     The Art Show – David Peace feature on Yorkshire novelist living/working in Japan – Diverse Ltd for Channel 4 – dir Paul Tickell – part of READER
2003     -     How Clean Is Your House? 9 ep. reality series – Talkback for Channel 4 – prod. Steph Harris part of NARRATOR *
2003     -     Born & Bred series III ep 4 ‘A Small Flourish’ by Nick Wharburton for BBC TV – prod Chris Clough – dir Rob Evans – part of Hubert Tx 14/3/04 BBC 1 *
2003     -     Silent Witness series VII ep 4 Beyond Guilt in 2 parts by Michael Crompton for BBC TV – prod Nick Pitt – dir Renny Rye – part of Laurence Parkin *
2003     -     New Tricks series 1 ep 2 by Nick Fisher – Wall to Wall for BBC TV – prod Gina Cronk – dir Jamie Payne – part of arsonist Pat the Rat – Tx 8/4/04 BBC 1
2003     -     The Inspector Lynley Mysteries series III ep If Wishes Were Horses by Simon Booker – BBCTV (Drama Serials) – prod Jenny Robins – dir Alrick Riley – part of Noel Shakespeare Tx 25/3/04 BBC1 *
2003     -     How Clean Is Your House 2? Second series – 8 eps. – TalkbackThames for Channel 4 – prod. Lisa Edwards – part of NARRATOR
2003     -     The Bill ep 189 by Emma Goodwin – Talkback Thames for ITV1 – prod Caroline Levy – dir Paul Walker – part of Leonard Smart/Noakes – Tx 11/2/04 *
2003     -     Heartbeat XIII ep 16 One Thing Leads To Another by Candy Denman – Yorkshire TV for ITV1 – prod Gerry Mill – dir Andrew Morgan – part of Herbie Lloyd - Tx 4/4/04
* 2004     -     How Clean Is Your House 2? Second series contd. – 9 eps. – Talkback Thames for Channel 4 – prod. Lisa Edwards – part of NARRATOR
2004     -     Who Stole Bob Monkhouse’s Jokes? Light documentary on the circumstances surrounding the stealing of Bob Monkhouse’s files of jokes etc. from BBC TV Centre in 1995 – Maverick TV for Channel 4 – prod. Jeremy Phillips – part of NARRATOR – TX Sat 10th April 04 *
2004     -     Messiah 3 two part story The Promise by Lizzie Mickery – BBC TV/Paramount co prod - prod Robert Cooper/Jane Tranter – dir David Drury – part of Ian Fleet – TX Mon/Tues 30th & 31st August 04 *
2004     -     Best Friends series in 5 parts dramatised by Jonathan Harvey from the children’s novel by Jaqueline Wilson – Granada Kids for ITV – prod Sue Austen – dir Cilla Ware – part of Grandad – series nominated for 2 BAFTAs rpt Tx Sundays from Feb 12th 06 *
2004     -     Dead Man Weds comedy drama serial in 6 parts by Dave Spikey with Johnny Vegas – Red Productions for ITV1 – prod/dir Sarah Smith – part of Curly/Jack (The Blind Man) in 5 eps. – TX scheduled to start 5/1/05 *
2005     -     How Clean Is Your House – U.S.? The American spin-off series – 22 eps – Talkback Thames for Channel 4 – edit prod Rachel Willis/Hazel Wallis – part of NARRATOR
2005     -     How Clean Is Your House 3? Third series – 12 eps plus a 1 hour special The Filthy Fulfords – Talkback Thames for Channel 4 – prod Steph Harris and Simon Everson – part of NARRATOR Tx Wednesdays Ch 4 July to Oct 05
2005     -     A Most Mysterious Murder: The Case of George Harry Storrs Ep. in series presented by Julian Fellowes written by Tina Pepler & Julian Fellowes – Touchpaper TV for BBC TV – prod Clare Alan – dir Dominic Santana – part of James Worrall Tx BBC1 24th Sept 05 *
2005     -     Marian, Again 2 part drama by Ben Court & Caroline Ip – Company Prods. For ITV – prod. Steve Lightfoot – dir. David Drury – part of Philip Walsh (Marian’s father) Tx 5th/6th Sept 05 *
2005     -     Waking the Dead series V Cold Fusion by Ed Whitemore - BBC TV – prod Richard Burrell – dir Richard Standeven – part of Clifford Day (guest lead) rptd. 14th/15th Aug 07 *
2005     -     The Last Will & Testament of Billy Two-Sheds by Alan Plater – BBC TV (The Afternoon Plays) – prod Sam Hill – dir Pip Broughton – part of Davie Tx 17/1/06 *
2005     -     Shameless series III ep 5 by Danny Brocklehurst – Company Pictures for Channel 4 – prod John Griffin – dir Jim O’Hanlon – part of Norman Owens (guest lead) Tx Tues 31st Jan 2006 *
2005     -     Life on Mars series in 8 eps – ep 6 by Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah – Kudos Film and TV for BBC TV - prod Claire Parker – dir John Alexander – part of Reg Cole (guest lead) Tx Mon 13th Feb 06 *
2005     -     Johnny and the Bomb series in 3 eps from the novel by Terry Pratchett – Childsplay TV for BBC TV – adapted and prod Peter Tabern – dir Dermot Boyd – part of Sgt Bourke Tx Sundays 15th/22nd/29th Jan 06 * BAFTA – Best Screenplay
2006     -     The Bill eps 378/9 by Julian Perkins – TalkbackThames for ITV1 – prod Alison Davis – dir David Innes Edwards – part of Douggie Price (guest lead) Tx 4th/5th Jan 06 *
2006     -     No Angels III ep 8 by Sarah Phelps – World Productions for Channel 4 TV – prod. Tim Baker – dir Harry Bradbeer – part of Harry Fellwick Tx 18th Apr 06
2006     -     Heartbeat XV ep 20 Get Back (return of the sailor!) by Mark Holloway – Granada Drama for ITV1 – prod. Archie Tait – dir Adrian Bean – part of Malcolm Stainsby Tx 23rd Apr 06 *
2006     -     The Street drama series created by Jimmy McGovern (RTS, BAFTA and EMMY awards for Best Drama Series) – ep 3 by Marc Pye – Granada TV for BBC1 – prod. Ken Horn – dir. Terry McDonough – part of Headmaster aka Dracula/Batman Tx Thurs 27th Apr 06 *
2006     -     How Clean is your House? 4 Fourth series – 11 eps – Talkback Thames for Channel 4 – prod Mandy Thomson – part of NARRATOR
2006     -     Casualty XX ep 40 Abide With Me by Peter Mills - BBC TV – prod Jane Hudson – dir Chris Lovett – part of Mick McArthur (guest co lead) – 1st Tx Sat 10th June 06 *
2006     -     The Sally Lockhart Mysteries – The Shadow in the North adapt. Adrian Hodges from Philip Pullman’s novel BBC TV (ep 2 of 4) prod. Kate Bartlett – dir John Alexander - part of Paton (the whistleblower) Tx 30th Dec 07
2006     -     When Kim and Aggie Went to Hospital 1 hour ‘How Clean?’ special, filmed at Ealing Hospital, West London – TalkbackThames for Channel 4 – prod Dan Adamson – dir Jenny Freilich – part of Narrator Tx Wed 30th August 06 8pm
2006     -     Doctors Series VIII Ep 135 Happiness is an Option by Tom Ogden – BBC TV – prod Erika Hossington – dir Graham Sherrington – part of Ted Stevenson guest lead – 1st Tx Thurs 8th Feb 2007
2006     -     Arena: Saints a documentary film by Paul Tickell – BBCTV – part of READER
2006     -     The Filthy Fulfords: The Return 1 hour ‘How Clean?’ special, filmed at Great Fulford stately home –Talkback Thames for Channel 4 – part of NARRATOR – Tx 28th Nov 2006 8pm
2007     -     How Clean is your House? 5 Fifth series (10 eps + 4 revisits) – Talkback Thames for Channel 4 – prod Mandy Thompson – Tx June/July 07 part of NARRATOR
2007     -     Coronation Street ITV daily soap ep 6616 prod Steve Frost dir Terry Dyddgen-Jones ep 6624 dir Pip Banyard ep 6628 dir Tony Prescott ep 6631 dir Alan Wareing – part of Ivor Priestley Tx commencing 8th Aug 07
2007     -     Kingdom Series 2 ep 1 by Alan Whiting – Parallel TV for ITV prod Georgina Lowe dir Andrew Grieve – part of lighthouse-keeper Vincent Straker
2007     -     Coronation Street ep 6667 dir Tim Dowd Tx 19th Oct 07 ep 6671 dir Michael Kerrigan 24th Oct 07
2007     -     Spilt Milk sketch-show pilot (National Film and TV School) by Mark Grimmer, Aneil Karia, Jack Laskey & Jono Layton – dir Aneil Karia – part of Joff Bilge
2007     -     Coronation Street ep 6688 dir Pip Short Tx 18th Nov ep6691 dir Alan Wareing Tx 21st Nov 07 ep 6693 dir Alan Wareing Tx 25th Nov 07 ep 6698 dir Illy Tx 2nd Dec 07
2007     -     Heartbeat – Farewell Phil ½ hour special - PC Phil Bellamy (Mark Jordon) leaves the show after 16 years – ITV Factual – Prod. Louise ? - part of Narrator
2008     -     The Bill ep 572 Payback by Patrick Homes – Fremantle Media Ltd for ITV1 - prod Sylvie Boden – dir A J Quinn – part of Douglas Frampton Tx 14th Feb 08
2008     -     Holby City series X episode 32 by Joe Ainsworth – BBC TV prod Jane Wallbank dir Robert del Maestro – part of Ross Saunders – Tx 20th May 08
2009     -     Torchwood III - Children of Earth a story in 5 eps by Russell T Davies, John Fay and James Moran – BBC Wales for BBC TV – prod Peter Bennett – dir Euros Lyn – part of Clem – Tx July 6th to 10th 2009
2009     -     George Gently III – film 1 Gently with the Innocents by Peter Flannery – Manor TV Dublin for BBC TV – prod. Johann Knobel – dir. Daniel O’Hara – part of Dr Phillip Morgan Tx 3/5/09
2009     -     The Royal VIII ep 11 Beneath the Surface by Andrew McCulloch and John Flanagan – ITV Yorkshire – prod Ken Horn – dir Ian Barber – part of Len Nesbitt Tx 24th July 2011
2009     -     Three Minute Wonders – Something to Believe In by Robert Farquhar – one in a series of four short films - Lime Pictures in assoc. with Liverpool Everyman Theatre for Channel 4 – prod Tim Compton/Suzanne Bell – dir Eddy Marshall – part of Bill – Tx 1955 Ch 4 17th Sept 09
2009     -     How Clean is Your House? 6 Sixth series (8 eps + 4 revisits) – Talkback Thames for Channel 4 – prod. Dave Emerson – part of NARRATOR
2009     -     Doctors - Series XI eps 108/9/10 – Harry… by Dawn Harrison – BBC Drama for BBC1 – prod Ella Kelly – dir Brett Fallis – part of EricWylie 108 Tx 23rd Sept 09 109/10 Tx 4th/7th Dec 09
2009     -     Survivors II ep 5 by Simon Tyrell – BBC Drama for BBC 1 – prod Hugh Warren – dir Farren Blackburn – part of Ted
2010     -     Casualty - Series XXIV eps 24 (An Ugly Truth – dir Ian Barnes),25 (Love is a Battlefield – dir Simon Meyers) 30 (Just Like a Woman – dir Ben Caron) 31 (Love of a Good Man – dir Dominic LeClerc) prods: Rebecca Hedderley/Lucy Raffety /Chris Lovett– part of Arthur Dixon – Tx 6th , 13th Feb, 27th Mar , 3rd Apr 2010
2010     -     A Band for Britain – Dinnington Colliery Band TV commercial voice-over promo for Decca CD – prod. Peacock Productions Ltd.
2010     -     The Bill ep 049 Who Dares Wins by Chris Ould - Fremantle Media (TalkbackTHAMES) for ITV1 casting Lisa Harris, prod Ciara McIlvenny dir Gary Love part of Dave Walton
2010     -     Life Without Work – Rowntree 2 part BBC documentary feature for BBC 2 prod: Guy Smith part of Nevinson (voice-over) Tx 22nd Oct ‘10
2011     -     Downton Abbey series 2 eps 5 & 8 by Julian Fellowes – Carnival Film & TV for ITV1 – prod Liz Trubridge – dir Brian Kelly/James Strong – part of Mr Mason
2011     -     Doctors series XIII ep 113 My Big Fat Ruined Wedding – BBC TV – prod Phil Hunter – dir Matt Carter – part of Leo Channing Tx Thurs 6th Oct ‘11
2011     -     Downton Abbey – Christmas Special by Julian Fellowes – Carnival for ITV1 – prod Liz Trubridge – dir Brian Percival – part of Mr Mason
2012     -     White Heat drama series in 6 eps by Paula Milne – ITV Studios for BBC TV – prod Elinor Day – dir John Alexander – part of Alan (present day) in eps. 3,4,5&6 – Tx comm. March 8th 2012
2012     -     Last Tango in Halifax (aka Antony and Cleopatra ) drama series in 6 eps by Sally Wainwright – Red Productions for BBC TV – prod Karen Lewis – dirs. Euros Lyn / Sam Donovan – part of Harry Wallace in eps 4 & 5
2012     -     Downton Abbey series 3 ep 6 by Julian Fellowes – Carnival for ITV1 – prod. Liz Trubridge – dirs. Jeremy Webb and Andy Goddard – part of Mr Mason
2012     -     In With The Flynns series 2 eps 3 (Life is Sweat) & 4 (You’re Only Young Twice) by Simon Nye – Caryn Mandabach Productions for BBC TV – prod. Jim Poyser – dir. Ben Kellett – part of Alan, Caroline’s dad Tx 31st Aug/7th Sept ‘12
2013     -     Carved with Love: The Genius of British Woodwork - documentary series in 3 parts – Thomas Chippendale, Grinling Gibbons & The Divine Craft of Carpentry – BBC Factual for BBC 4 TV – dir/prod John Mullen – part of NARRATOR Tx 10th, 17th, 24th Jan 2013
2013     -     Doctors series XV ep 2 Tweet – BBC TV – prod Jonathan Phillips – dir Adrian Bean – part of Peter Jennings Tx Wed April 3rd 2013
2013     -     Midsomer Murders series XVI ep. 2 Let us Prey by Paul Logue – Bentley Prods. Ltd for ITV – prod. Louise Sutton – dir. Alex Pillai – part of Frank Dewar
2013     -     Downton Abbey series 4 – ep 8 by Julian Fellowes – Carnival for ITV1 – prod. Liz Trubridge – dir Ed Hall – part of Mr Mason
2013     -     Last Tango in Halifax series 2 in 6 eps by Sally Wainwright – Red Productions for BBC TV – prod Karen Lewis – dir Euros Lyn/Jill Robertson – part of Harry Wallace
2013     -     The Railway – First Great Western documentary (docu soap) 8 x 1 hour – the running of an iconic railway system – Twofour for Channel 5 – exec prod Nick Woodroffe – series prod Gill Hennesey – part of NARRATOR Tx 29/8/13 and weekly
2014     -     British Gardens in Time – documentary series 4 x 1 hour – social history through exploration of Great Dixter, Stowe, Biddulph Grange & Nymans – Keo films for BBC4 TV – prod Katie Buchanan – dir Ant Palmer – part of NARRATOR Tx tbc
2014     -     British Gardens in Time – TV and Radio promos for the series – Red Bee for BBCTV/Radio – prod. Jenny Broad - voice-over
2014     -     Vera IV – ep 1 On Harbour Street by Paul Rutman – ITV Studios for ITV – prod. Margaret Mitchell – dir. Thaddeus O’Sullivan – part of Malcolm Kenrich
2014     -     The Railway series 2 – 4 x 1 hour progs - including documenting the rebuilding of Brunel’s iconic coastal railway following catastrophic damage by the 2014 storms – TwoFour for Channel 5 – prod. Gill Hennesey – part of NARRATOR – Tx Dec 2014
2014     -     Downton Abbey series 5 – ep 7 & 8 by Julian Fellowes – Carnival for ITV1 – prod. Liz Trubridge – dirs Philip John/Michael Engler – part of Mr Mason
2014     -     Last Tango in Halifax series 3 in 6 eps (eps 1,3 & 6) by Sally Wainwright – Red Productions for BBC TV – prod Karen Lewis – dirs Nigel Cole/Syd Macartney - part of Harry Wallace
2015     -     Code of a Killer 2 part dramatisation of events surrounding discovery of DNA/genetic fingerprinting – writer Michael Crompton – World Productions for ITV – prod Priscilla Parish – dir James Strong – part of Sidney Jeffreys
2015     -     Inside No. 9 – ep 5 - 12 Days of Christine – series 2 in 6 eps by Steve Pemberton & Reece Shearsmith – BBC TV – prod Adam Tandy – dir Guillem Morales – part of Ernie
2015     -     Downton Abbey series 6 – eps 1 – 9 by Julian Fellowes – Carnival for ITV1 – prod. Liz Trubridge – dirs. Minkie Spiro/Philip John/Michael Engler/David Evans – part of Mr Mason Tx 1 – 8 Sept/Oct/Nov ep 9 25th Dec
2015     -     The Sound of Music – Live ITV Rodgers and Hammerstein (TV version of their stage show) prod Fiona Clark dir Coky Giedroyc – part of Franz the butler – broadcast live from 3 Mills Studios E15 on ITV1 20th Dec 2015 rptd. 23rd
2016     -     Call the Midwife 5 – ep 2 – by Heidi Thomas/Pippa Harris – Neal Street/CTM5 Prods for BBC TV – prod. Annie Tricklebank – dir Syd Macartney – part of Tommy Smith
2016     -     Moving On series 7 – ep 1 – Passengers – by Nick Leather – LA Prods Ltd for BBC TV – prod Donna Molloy – dir Paul McGann – part of Ronnie
2016     -     Suspects series 3 (Tx 5) eps 5 & 6 – improvised dialogue from story script – Newman Street prods for Channel 5 – prod. Kara Manley – dirs. Steve Hughes & Fiona Walton – part of Joseph Kramer
2016     -     Reg – by Jimmy McGovern & Robert Pugh – LA Prods for BBC TV – prod Donna Molloy – dir David Blair – part of Man 2 (doorstep voter)
2016     -     Doctors XVIII Bl 8 Ep 5 There is No Place by Claire Bennett – BBC Drama for BBC TV – prod. Caroline Slater – dir Dominic Keavey – part of Andrew Hantley
2016     -     Mount Pleasant 6 ep 3 comedy series by Mark Brotherhood – Tiger Aspect Prods. For Sky TV – prod. Serena Cullen – dir. Dermot Boyd – part of Arthur
2016     -     The Coroner 2 ep 1 ‘The Beast of Lighthaven ‘ BBC Drama for BBC TV – prod. Sandra Maciver – dir Matt Carter – part of John Roxwell
2016     -     Last Tango in Halifax series 4 in 2 Christmas episodes – Red Production Co for BBC TV – prod. Karen Lewis – dir Juliet May – part of Harry Wallace
2016     -     Broken a series in 6 parts by Jimmy McGovern – LA Prods. For BBC TV with Sean Bean as Father Michael Kerrigan – prod. Donna Molloy – dirs. Ashley Pearce & Noreen Kershaw – part of Eddie Kerrigan (eps. 2,4,5 & 6)
2017     -     Trust Me a series in 4 parts by Dan Sefton – Red Prods. For BBC 1 – prod. Emily Feller – dirs. John Alexander & Amy Neil – part of Arthur Hardacre (parts 1 to 3)
2017     -     Doc Martin series 8 ep. 5 'From the Mouths of Babes' by Andrew Rattenbury – Buffalo Pictures for ITV – prod. Philippa Braithwaite – dir. Stuart Orme – part of Walter O’Donnell
2017     -     Doctors series XIX block 47 ep 140 Boisterous by Paul Campbell – BBC Drama for BBC TV – prod. Gail Evans – dir Vito Bruno – part of Douglas Harper
2017     -     A Celebrity Taste of Italy series 4 x 1 hour – Five celebrities visit Tuscany and learn how to cook the local classic dishes – Twofour for Channel 5 – prod. Arianna Perretta – part of NARRATOR – Tx 29th Sept 2017 and weekly
2018     -     Emmerdale ep. 8269 of ongoing soap – ITV Studios for ITV1 & 2 – prod. Kate Brooks – dir. George Siougas – part of Obadiah Dingle – Tx 26th & 27th Sept.
2019     -     Holby City series XXI ep. 24 by Joe Ainsworth – BBC Studios Elstree – prod Irma Inniss – dir Jermain Julien – part of Roger Keelan – Tx 11th June 2019
2019     -     Father Brown series VIII ep. 7 The Wisdom of the Fool by Lol Fletcher – BBC Studios – prod. Peter Bullock – dir. Paul Gibson – part of Mr Feste – TX: Jan 2020
2019     -     Last Tango in Halifax 5 series 5 in 4 parts – Lookout Point for BBC TV – prod. Ken Horn – dir. Gareth Bryn – part of Harry Wallace
2020/21     -     Coronation Street Ongoing serial - part of Arthur Medwin - 28 episodes commencing with ep. 10033 by Jan McVerry - prod. Iain Macleod  - dir. Audrey Cooke then various directors - Tx Mon 16th March ‘20 to Wed 6th Jan ’21
2021     -     Doctors - series 22 episode 95 One Fine Day by Helen Farrell - BBC Birmingham Drama - prod. Mike Hobson - dir. Dan Wilson - part of Ernie Lynn
2022     -     DI Ray Ep. 2 of series in 4 episodes by Maya Sondhi - HTM Television for ITV - exec. producers Jed Mercurio/Maya Sondhi/Madonna Baptiste - producer Charlotte Surtees - dir. Alex Pillai - part of Terry Hunter
2022     -     The Long Fuck Off Screenplay by Natalie Burt - Blacklight Television for Channel 4 produced by Ben Bickerton and Philip Trethowan - one of three compelling films for C4 series On The Edge 4 - director James Doherty - part of Ray (Raymond Shaw).

1972     -     Bleats from a Brighouse Pleasure Ground by David Halliwell (Little Theatre, St. Martins Lane) premiere
1973     -     Dick Whittington and his Cat dev. and dir. by Mike Leigh (Royal Court Theatre Upstairs) part of Dick premiere
1974     -     Trinity Tales by Alan Plater dir. Michael Simmonds (Birmingham Rep.) part of Dave the Joiner premiere
1976     -     For King and Country by John Wilson dir. Bernard Miles/Ron Pember (Mermaid Theatre)part of Pte. Hamp - for which the following awards: Olivier Award (formerly Soc.West End Theatre) 'Actor of the Year in a New Play' and Plays and Players Award 'Most Promising Actor' London premiere
1977     -     German Skerries by Robert Holman dir. Chris Parr (Bush Theatre) part of Jack Williams premiere
1978     -     Sisters by David Storey dir. Eric Thompson (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester) part of Terry premiere
1979     -     Whose Life is it Anyway by Brian Clarke dir. Tony Diner (Belfast Lyric Theatre) lead role
1981     -     The Ticket of Leave Man by Tom Taylor dir. Piers Haggard (Royal National Cottesloe Theatre) title role
1982     -     Rita, Sue and Bob Too by Andrea Dunbar dir Max Stafford –Clark (Royal Court Theatre) part of Bob (Rita - Joanne Whalley Kilmer,Sue -Lesley Manville, Bob's wife - Tracey Ullman) premiere
1983     -     Working Class Hero by Bob Mason dir. David Gilmore (Southampton Nuffield Theatre) lead role premiere
1983     -     Other Worlds by Robert Holman dir. Richard Wilson (Royal Court Theatre) part of Joe Waterman premiere
1986     -     Making Noise Quietly by Robert Holman dir. John Dove (Bush Theatre) part of Alan Tadd premiere
1987     -     King Lear by Shakespeare dir. Don Taylor (Compass Theatre Company - National Tour of Matcham Theatres) part of The Fool to Anthony Quayle's Lear
1987     -     Twelfth Night by Shakespeare dir. Andrew Visnevski (Cherub Theatre Company - Tour to Madrid and Almagro, Spain) part of Feste
1988     -     Raping the Gold by Lucy Gannon dir. Debbie Shewell (Bush Theatre) part of Stuart premiere
1988/89     -     Twelfth Night by Shakespeare dir. Andrew Visnevski (Cherub Theatre Company - Tour of Iraq, Pakistan, Ethiopia, The Sudan and Zimbabwe) part of Feste
1989/90     -     Prin by Andrew Davies dir. Richard Wilson (Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith and Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue) part of Boyle (Sheila Hancock as Prin) premiere
1990     -     The Awakening by Julian Garner dir. John Dove (Hampstead Theatre) part of The Father premiere
1991     -     I Thought I Heard a Rustling by Alan Plater dir. Philip Hedley (Theatre Royal, Stratford East) leading role premiere
1991     -     Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals and Rebecca with the London Pareschi Players (Hounslow CentreSpace) part of Storyteller/Master of Ceremonies for this Children's Christmas Concert
1992     -     Twelfth Night by Shakespeare dir. Gillian Diamond (Thorndike Theatre, Leatherhead and Liverpool Playhouse) part of Feste
1994     -     The Mortal Ash by Richard Cameron dir. Simon Usher (Bush Theatre) part of Tom Wheatley premiere
1995 The Servant by Robin Maugham dir. Bill Alexander (Birmingham Rep) title role of Barrett, The Servant - for which Martini/TMA British Regional Theatre Awards 'Best Actor in a Supporting Role'
1995     -     Crossing the Equator by Jane Coles dir. John Dove (Bush Theatre) part of Jack Briers premiere
1995     -     With Every Beat by Richard Cameron dir. Mike Bradwell (West Yorkshire Playhouse) part of Redfern Johns
1996     -     When We Are Married by J.B.Priestley dir. Jude Kelly (Chichester Festival Theatre and West End transfer to Savoy Theatre, with Dawn French as Clara Soppitt) part of Herbert Soppitt
1999     -     Celaine by Matt Parker dir. Edward Hall (Hampstead Theatre) part of Eric Bramley premiere
1999/00     -     The Mysteries in a version by Tony Harrison dir. Bill Bryden (Royal National Theatre - Cottesloe) Ensemble work plus part of Joseph in Nativity, Soldier 4 in Passion and Ribald in Doomsday
2001     -     The Contractor by David Storey dir. Sean Holmes - Oxford Stage Co/ Derby Playhouse - Derby/Poole/Ipswich/Exeter/Westcliff - part of Ewbank(the Contractor) First major prod. since 1969 premiere
2002     -     Sing Yer Heart Out For the Lads by Roy Williams dir. Simon Usher (National Theatre – The Loft (Transformation Season)) part of Alan King premiere
2003     -     Got To Be Happy by Simon Burt dir. Owen Lewis (Bush Theatre) part of Charley premiere
2003     -     Lear by Edward Bond dir. Tim Stark (National Theatre Studio – evaluation workshop – one performance only) part of Warrington/Old Sailor/Old Gaoler
2004     -     Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall dir. Anna Linstrum co-produced by Ambassador Theatre Group/Churchill Theatre Bromley/Theatre Royal Windsor – touring to Bromley/Windsor/Brighton/Richmond/Milton Keynes/Stoke-on-Trent – part of Geoffrey Fisher
2005     -     Breathing Corpses by Laura Wade dir. Anna Mackmin (Royal Court Theatre Upstairs) part of Jim premiere
2006     -     Public playreadings – A Resounding Tinkle by N F Simpson dir Simon Usher 17th Jan / In Celebration by David Storey dir Rahmin Gray 2nd Feb (both Royal Court Theatre Upstairs 50th Anniversary) Intemperance by Lizzie Nunnery dir Gemma Bodinetz (Liverpool Everyman Theatre 26th May – Soho Theatre 13th July)
2007     -     Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen in a new version by Amelia Bullmore dir. Anna Mackmin (Gate Theatre, London from 11/1/07) part of Engstrand
2007     -     Sniff by C M Jones – Winner of Westminster Prize 2007 – dir. Kate Saxon (Soho Theatre, London 28/3/07) part of Harry
2007     -     In Extremis The story of Abelard and Heloise by Howard Brenton dir. John Dove (Shakespeare’s Globe London from 15th May for 2 weeks) part of Fulbert, Heloise’s uncle
2007     -     If So Then Yes by N F Simpson dir Simon Usher (public playreading Royal Court Theatre Upstairs 11th July) part of Geoffrey Withenshaw
2007     -     Queue of Dreams by Olga Maginsky dir Charlotte Gwinner (public playreading at The Medical Institute, Liverpool 6th Sept) part of Reuben
2007     -     Marine Parade by Simon Stephens and Mark Eitzel dir Jo McIness for Animal Ink (2 week workshop + public playreading 12th Oct Soho Laundry London W1) part of Archie
2008     -     Before the Flood by The Presnyakov Bros. dir Ramin Gray (public playreading – Roughcuts season Royal Court Theatre Upstairs 16th Jan ) parts of Elderly Man and Arthur the gorilla
2008     -     The Running Machine by Joe Harbot dir Jeremy Herrin (Roughcuts – Royal Court Theatre Upstairs 24th Jan) part of Michael the mechanic
2008     -     raininmyheartoveryou by Joseph Monks dir. Tim Roseman for ATG at Churchill Theatre Bromley – workshop in Metamorphosis08 project 18th/19th Feb – part of Father
2008     -     King Lear by Wm Shakespeare dir Dominic Dromgoole (Shakespeare’s Globe, Bankside, London from 23rd April in rep. to 17th Aug) part of Kent
2008     -     The Frontline by Che Walker dir Matthew Dunster music Olly Fox songs Olly Fox, Arthur Darville, Che Walker choreog. Georgina Lamb (Shakespeare’s Globe from 6th July to 17th Aug) part of Ragdale
2008     -     TEQUILA \ London Playwrights’ Showcase public rehearsed readings of four pieces developed during course led by Rebecca Lenkiewicz – dir Gemma Fairlie (Soho Theatre 6th Aug 08) parts of Mr Marple in Patience and George in Dinner at Flavios
2009     -     The List by David Eldridge dir Hannah Ashwell Dickinson – (The Miniaturists – Arcola Theatre 12th July ) part of Father
2009     -     Sacrament by Paul Goetzee – rehearsed reading dir Jack Bradley (Liverpool Everyman workshop 14th Sept) – part of Edward
2009     -     The Third Man adapt. by David Harrower – reh. reading dir David Grindley (Trafalgar Studios evaluation workshop 28th/29th Sept.) parts of Crabbin/Koch/Brodsky
2010     -     Winterlong by Andrew Sheridan –first reading for this Bruntwood Award winning play at Soho Theatre 8th March for Nina Steiger and dir Sarah Frankcom of Manchester Royal Exchange – part of John
2010     -     Lulu by Frank Wedekind adapted and directed by Anna Ledwich (The Gate Theatre, Notting Hill 10th June – 10th July) prod Gate + Headlong – part of Goll/Schigolch 2010     -     If So, Then Yes by N F Simpson dir Simon Usher (Jermyn Street Theatre, Piccadilly 7th Sept to 2nd Oct) prod Presence Theatre part of Reg/Counsel/Aubrey
2010     -     The Last Cuckoo by Julie Amanda Bokowiec dir David Tucker (Lawrence Batley Theatre Huddersfield 21st – 23rd Oct, Wilde Theatre Bracknell 26th,27th Oct) a Partnership production with LBT – part of Ethan Page
2011     -     Winterlong (Winner of the Bruntwood Playwriting Competition) by Andrew Sheridan dir Sarah Frankcom (Manchester Royal Exchange Studio 2nd to 19th Feb then Soho Theatre, West End 23rd Feb to 12th March) part of John
2011     -     Ghost from a Perfect Place by Philip Ridley – rehearsed reading of this 1994 play at Jermyn Street Theatre 19th May - dir Antony Biggs – part of Travis Flood
2011     -     Maydays by David Edgar – public rehearsed reading of this 1983 play at the Ashcroft Room, Swan Theatre, Stratford-on-Avon – final part of the RSC’s 50th Anniversary celebrations Sat 5th Nov – dir Polly Findlay – part of Jeremy Crowther
2012     -     N F Simpson – a Celebration – a celebration of the life and work of N F Simpson Sun 27th May Royal Court Theatre – dir Simon Usher – part of Author
2012     -     Across Oka by Robert Holman – public rehearsed reading of this 1988 play at Duke of York’s theatre – final play in the Royal Court Theatre’s Playwright’s Playwrights season Fri 20th July – dir David Eldridge – part of Jolyon
2012     -     King Lear by Wm Shakespeare abridged, adapted and directed by Tim Crouch for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Young Peoples Shakespeare tour to schools and theatres in Southampton (Nuffield Th), Middlesborough, Newcastle on Tyne (Theatre Royal), Truro, Hull (Hull Truck Th), York (Theatre Royal) and Stratford upon Avon (Courtyard Th) – also 2 weeks New York City (The Armory) and 2 weeks Columbus Ohio (Drake Centre, OSU) during Oct and Nov ’12 – part of King Lear
2013     -     Home by David Storey dir Amelia Sears for SEArED prductions (Arcola Theatre London E8 23rd Oct to 23rd Nov) part of Jack
2016     -     Eyam by Matt Hartley work-in-progress R & D workshop for RSC dir. Matt Hartley part of Rev. Thomas Stanley
2016     -     A View from the Moon by Khush Chahal – Live Lunch rehearsed reading of this two-hander with Eileen O’Brien – Royal Court (Wilson Studio) Fri 18th Mar, Birmingham Rep Sat 19th Mar – dir Hamish Pirie – part of Bob
2016     -     The World Encompassed – Sir Francis Drake’s Journey - Composer Orlando Gough – a journey in sound and music with Fretwork, a consort of six viols led by Richard Boothby – touring music festivals of Salisbury, Alwinton, Manchester, Harrogate, Cheltenham & Keele Universtity between June and November – part of Narrator
2016     -     Seventeen by Matthew Whittet – table reading of this play in development – Lyric Theatre Hammersmith – dir. Anne-Louise Sarks – part of Tom
2016     -     The Bash Rita, Sue & Bob Too (excerpt – dir Lucy Morrison) – Royal Court Theatre fundraiser – original cast from 1982 (Joanne Whalley – Rita, Lesley Manville – Sue) – part of Bob
2018     -     The World Encompassed Orlando Gough’s composition for Fretwork consort of viols led by Richard Boothby – Fri 2nd March - Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax. Part of Narrator
2018     -     Faith, Hope and Charity (working title) Workshop for a new play written and directed by Alexander Zeldin – National Theatre Studio SE1. Part of Bernard
2018     -     The World Encompassed Orlando Gough’s composition for Fretwork consort of viols led by Richard Boothby – Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax Friday 2nd March & Helmsley Arts Centre (Ryedale Festival) Sunday 22nd July - Part of Narrator
2019     -     Sea by Jon Fosse dir Simon Usher – rehearsed reading before an invited audience (Norwegian Embassy, Belgrave Square, London) part of The Older Man
2019     -     An Evening of Spoken Word ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is the Army’s National Charity celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year. This event at The Siding theatre venue was a celebration of the lives of people touched by the charity’s work over its 75 years. Part of intro speaker.
2021     -     Demetrius by Peter Oswald after Friedich von Schiller. Play reading at The Marylebone Theatre - Artistic Director Alexander J Gifford - parts: Sapieha, Alexei, Soltikov.
2021     -     Heterophobia - rehearsed reading for Rally Fest at The Turbine Theatre, Battersea Power Station complex, 10th June. Two-hander by Ross Berkeley Simpson, directed by Scott Le Crass. Maureen Lipman as Loretta Devlin. Part of Dr Matthew Krane.

Extensive work includes:

1971     -     Kes by Barry Hines dir Dickon Reed prod Peter Fozzard part of Mr Farthing for BBC Schools Radio (Leeds Studio)
many BBC Radio productions between 1971 and 1984 including:
1975     -     ‘Twas Like a Bird Without a Tail by Alan G Bower Tx 19/11
1976     -     A Bitter Almond by David Simpson Tx 15/10 and 20/1/79
1977     -     Punters by Stephen Wakelam Tx 30/3
1977     -     All on a Summers Day by Ivor Wilson Tx 19/4
1977     -     Garton’s Lass by Alan Bower Yx 24/6
1977     -     Goodbye to the World of Illusions by Michael Toft Tx 11/11
1978     -     The Destruction Factor by James Follett dir David Spenser 1. The Seeds of Creation Tx 11/3/78 2. World without Fire Tx 18/3/78
1979     -     It’s a Wise Child by Wally K Daly Tx 19/4
1979     -     Joe by Michael Toft dir Tony Cliff Sat Night Th Tx 8/9/79
1979     -     All on a Summers Day by Ivor Wilson Tx 5/10
1980     -     Last Tango in Salford by Peter Whalley Tx 4/6
1980     -     Paper Tigers Tx 26/7
1980     -     Is He Alright Nurse? by Anne Spillard Tx 17/9
1981     -     Ira Plimsoll’s Marble Staircase by Tom Elliott Tx 24/7
1983     -     When Echoes Fade by Ivor Wilson Tx 4/6
1983     -     Working in the Dark by Paul Thain Tx 14/7
1983     -     Sybil or The Two Nations by Benjamin Disraeli dramatised in 6 parts by Frederick Bradnum – dir Vanessa Whitburn – part of Dandy Mick – Radio 4 Tx commenced Nov ‘83
1984     -     Mountain Ashes by Alan England Tx 25/10
1984     -     A Workmanlike Man by Ed Thomason celebrating the life and work of JB Priestley prod. John Theocharis Radio 4 - repeated Oct 1994 for centenary then:
1986     -     The Marshalling Yard story by Ted Moore dir. Sheila Fox Radio 3
1986     -     Jesus series, part of Jesus dir. Geoff Marshall Taylor Radio 4/World Service
1987     -     Crackers by Chris Curry Tx 14/1
1987     -     Charlie feature for Remembrance Day comp. by Bill Westall prod. John Theocharis. Reader. Radio 4
1987     -     Lily and Colin 2 plays by Elizabeth Bond prod. Penny Gold part of Colin Radio 4
1988     -     Second Chance by Allen Sadler Tx 29/3
1988     -     Albert's Bridge by Tom Stoppard prod Alison Hindell dir David Hitchinson part of Albert. World Service/Radio 4 rptd. Radio 4 29th June 2007 as The Friday Play
1988     -     Pilgrim's Progress Bunyan - series - part of Christian World Service
1988     -     My Sister’s House by Dorothy Gharboui Tx 26/5
1988     -     The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare prod. Jeremy Mortimer part of Biondello Radio 3 and 4
1989     -     Dallam's Organ feature by Lyn ten Kate prod. John Theocharis Radio 4
1990     -     Ancient Land - Sacred Whale by Tom Lowenstein part of Eskimo Radio 3
1990     -     Starting Out by Michael Toft dir Tony Cliff Tx 4/7/90
1991     -     The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Andersen. Storyteller. Radio 5
1992     -     Red Sky at Night from 'Sons and Lovers' by D.H.Lawrence adapt./dir. Nick Ward prod. Marilyn Imrie part of Father Radio 4
1992     -     En Passant by David Benedictus part of Organiser Radio 3
1992     -     That Summer by David Edgar prod. Hilary Norrish BBC World Service
1992     -     Vlad the Impaler by Sorescu adapt. Richard Crane Radio 3
1993     -     Barabbas by Per Lagerkvist prod. Ned Chaillet Radio 4
1993     -     Stop the Children's Laughter by Henry Livings prod. David Hunter Radio 4
1994     -     Are You Still Awake ep 2 of a series of 15 min plays by Russell Davies set in bed with real life couples (me and Natasha in a tent half way up Mount Snowdon) prod Jonathan James-Moore Radio 3 Tx 29th Nov 94 & 11th June 96
1994     -     Tipperary Smith by Paul Copley prod. Ned Chaillet part of Arthur Radio 4
1994     -     The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen dramatised by Berlie Doherty dir. Janet Whitaker (for Christmas Eve, with Dirk Bogarde, Diana Rigg Natasha Pyne etc etc) part of Crow Radio 4 (rptd. 1995 R4 & W Service)
1994     -     The Factory Children Musical by Chris Adams adapt. John Taylor prod. Barry Gibson with National Youth Music/Theatre Co. part of Thos Hadley BBC School Radio
1995     -     The Sheffield Picasso by Dave Sheasby
1995     -     Outlook - The Bridge Feature on physical and metaphysical attributes of bridges in life and in literature compiled/prod. by Roger Fenby part of narr/reader BBC World Service
1996     -     The Nuremberg Trial (Tyranny on Trial) adapted from original transcripts by Peter Goodchild prod./dir. Martin Jenkins and John Theocharis part of Sauckel Radio 4 (rptd on 60th anniversary of trial Sat 19th Nov 2005 Radio 4)
1996     -     Young P.C. Three part drama series by Mark Davies Markham prod. Michelle Frederick part of Arthur Young Radio 4
1996     -     A Visitation by Don Haworth prod./dir. Gordon House - Plague visits Eyam in 1665 - part of Dick Riley BBC World Service
1996     -     Stories from Shakespeare - Julius Caesar by Peter Wickham prod. Gerard O'Malley part of Lucius (narrator) BBC World Service
1996     -     Crossing the Equator by Jane Coles prod/dir Andrew Barnes - adapted by author from Bush stage play - part of Jack Briers BBC World Service
1996     -     King Street Junior created by Jim Eldridge prod./dir John Fawcett Wilson part of Mr Long and a co-writer of this long running comedy drama now in its 9th series. Radio 4 (also heard on World Service and Radio 5)
1996     -     Words Alive - 5 progs written and presented for School Radio (7-9 year olds) produced by Andrew Barnes - presented in char. of Wallace Wordsworth.
1996     -     Lets Make a Story - The Last Wolf by Patrice Baldwin prod. Gordon Lamont - part of presenter BBC School Radio
1996     -     The Devil's Kiss by Stephen Dunstone - 90 min Gothic Horror - prod. Martin Jenkins - part of John Faber Radio 4
1997     -     Nativity to Judgement an adaptation of the Wakefield Mystery Cycle by Adrien Henri - part of Jesus - BBC World Service First TX: 8th /9th Feb 97 as Play of the Week (part of A History of British Theatre)
1997     -     Richard II by Wm. Shakespeare - adapted in two parts by Peter Thomson dir. Lucy Hackney - part of Northumberland - BBC World Service First TX: 15th&16th/22nd/23rd Feb 97 as Play of the Week (History of British Theatre - celebrating 600 years of theatre from Britain)
1997     -     Words Alive! - Storywriting 3 further progs written and presented (character of Wallace Wordsworth) prod. Andrew Barnes BBC Education
1997     -     One Wednesday Afternoon - Radio 4 Short Story by Stan Barstow prod: Lesley Allan
1997     -     Killing Susan by Vivienne Allen prod./dir. Peter Kavanagh - part of Stanley BBC Radio 4 First TX: Thurs 3rd June (Afternoon Play) Second TX: Saturday Night Theatre Sat. 3rd Jan 1998
1998     -     Words Alive! - Instructions 2 further progs written and presented (character of Wallace Wordsworth) prod. Andrew Barnes BBC Education
1998     -     Meridian - Books BBC World Service arts magazine prog. - reading of Daffodils by Ted Hughes Prod. Nick Rankin
1998     -     The Midnight Milkman - Radio 4 Short Story by Helene Wiggin prod: Pauline Harris
1998     -     Markurell BBC World Service Play of the Week by Hjalmar Bergman translated and adapted by Eivor Martinus – part of Ström – prod. Rosalynd Ward
1998     -     Words Alive! – Dialogue 3 further progs written and presented (character of Wallace Wordsworth) prod. Andrew Barnes BBC Education
1998     -     King Street Junior – Series 10 – 4 eps by Jim Eldridge, 1 by Andy Rashleigh and 1 by Paul Copley (“Target Practice”) – part of Mr Long – prod. John Fawcett Wilson Radio 4
1998     -     A Little Understanding short story by Richard Madelin TX 28th Nov 98 Radio 4 prod. Claire Grove
1999     -     Ironhand by Goethe adapted by John Arden – part of Emporer Maximilian – prod. Jeremy Mortimer Radio 3
1999     -     The Devonia Trilogy part 2 “Day Trip” by Andy Rashleigh – part of Potter – TX Wed 9th June Radio 4 prod. Cherry Cookson
1999     -     The Nativity by Tony Harrison - part of Joseph - RNT company dir. Bill Bryden - TX Dec 24th - Promenade Prouctions for Radio 4 and BBC/Promenade CD
2000     -     Challenged by Don Haworth - part of Tom - TX Sat 12th February Radio 4 prod. Pauline Harris in Manchester
2000     -     The Passion by Tony Harrison - part of Fourth Soldier - RNT Company dir. Bill Bryden TX Easter week - Promenade Productions for Radio 4 + CD
2000     -     Bad Weather by Robert Holman - part of Noel - BBC World Service Play of the Week - dir. Rosalynd Ward Tx 27th/28th August
2000     -     Unsinkable by Richard Bean - part of Dillinger - BBC Radio 3 - dir Paul Miller
2000     -     Ernest's Tower by Don Haworth - part of Ernest - Radio 4 & World Service - prod. Gordon House - first TX Sat 16th December R4
2001     -     Oddballs by Don Haworth - part of Wilfrid Parkin - Radio 4 - prod. Sue Wilson - dir. Julie Beckett (in Manchester) - first TX 17th Jan 2001 at 1130
2001     -     That was then, this is Now by Jonathan Keates - reading - Verdi Centenary Stories - Radio 4 - prod. Frances Byrnes - first TX 3rd Jan 2001
2001     -     Blast by Kevin Fegan - play/feature on Yorkshire steel industry with actuality and poetry - part of Guide - Radio 4 - prod. Melanie Harris - TX 18th June at 1415
2001     -     King Lear by Wm Shakespeare - part of Fool (Corin Redgrave as Lear) - Radio 3 and BBC Radio Collection - dir. Cherry Cookson - TX Sun 16th Sept at 1830
2001     -     Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell adapt. Lavinia Murray in 20x15 min parts Radio 4 - dir Claire Grove/Tracey Neale - part of George Wilson - TX Monday 15th October to Friday 9th November 2001
2001     -     The Wire: Crowd Scan by Tim Etchells play/poem for Radio 3 - dir Kate Rowland - part.of Rapper TX Saturday Nov 3rd 2001
2002     -     Heart/Attack by Gill Adams play for Radio 4 – dir/prod Kate Rowland – part of Bill – TX Friday 15th / 22nd March 2002
2002     -     King Street Junior Revisited – ‘A Good Heart’, ‘The Real Thing’, ‘The System’, ‘Oh No It Isn’t’, ‘Waiting For Ofsted’, ‘Jour De Fete’ by Jim Eldridge – series 11 for Radio 4 – prod John Fawcett Wilson – part of Geoff Long – TX weekly from 26th April 2002
2002     -     The Long View – ‘Labour and the Unions’ documentary prod. Julia Adamson – presenter Jonathan Freedland – rec on loc in Bradford – part of reader and participant in discussion – TX Oct 15th 2002 (Radio 4 0900 & 2130)
2002     -     In the Bosom of the Slag by Richard Cameron – Friday Play for Radio 4 – dir Janet Whitaker – part of Charmaine – TX Fri 6th Dec (Radio 4 2100)
2003     -     Distant Whispers by Garry Lyons – Friday Play for Radio 4 – prod/dir Nadia Molinari – part of Crowley – TX 10th Jan 2003
2003     -     Lost in Space by Amanda Dalton – BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play – prod/dir Susan Roberts – part of Alan Arnold – TX 13th March 2003
2003     -     King Street Junior Revisited – ‘Going through the Roof’, ‘The Spirit of Christmas’, ‘Time’, ‘Love All’, ‘Money’, ‘Play One’ by Jim Eldridge – 12th series for Radio 4 – prod John Fawcett Wilson – part of Geoff Long – TX weekly from 27th June 2003
2003     -     Saturday Night and Sunday Morning – novel by Alan Sillitoe abridged in 10 parts for BBC Radio 4 Book at Bedtime – abridged and produced by Jane Marshall for Jane Marshall Productions TX 12th to 23rd May 2003 nightly at 1045
2003     -     Dover Goes To Pott – by Joyce Porter dramatised by Paul Mendelson dir David Ian Neville – part of Daniel Wibbley/Dr JJJ Nayland/Dr Moreton – TX Sat 14th June 2003 1430-1530 Radio 4 rptd. Sat 18th June 2005 R4
2003     -     Learning to Talk – Woman’s Hour drama serial in 5 parts by Hilary Mantel dir Marilyn Imrie for Catherine Bailey Ltd – part of Jim – TX mon-Fri 7th to 11th Aug 03 Radio 4
2003     -     Whistle Down The Wind by Mary Haley Bell adapted by Diana Griffiths – dir Pauline Harris – part of Man (mistaken for Jesus!) TX 6/9/03 1430 R4 rptd Sun 17/9/06
2003     -     Trapped – Boy in a Well by Daniel & Mark Maier – no 4 in a series of half hour plays – prod Alex WalshTaylor – part of Mike Todd – TX Thurs 11/9/03 2302 R4
2003     -     Serjeant Musgrave’s Dance by John Arden – dir Toby Swift – music Simon Fraser – part of Attercliffe – TX Sunday 14th Dec 03 Radio 3
2003     -     Together – Race Against Time by Derek Farmer – dir Geoff Marshall-Taylor – part of Presenter/Mr Hammond - for BBC school radio TX Summer 2004
2003     -     After the Divorce by Grazia Deledda dramatised by Alison Joseph – dir Pauline Harris – part of Giacobbe – TX 6th Dec 03 BBC World Service
2003     -     File on Four – Selby: Death of a Coalfield prod Sally Chesworth – part of Presenter – TX 5th Jan 2004 1100-1130 BBC Radio 4
2004     -     Hiding Leonard Cohen by Esther Wilson – dir Pauline Harris – part of John – TX Monday 24th May 04 BBC Radio 4 Mental Health in the Media Award 2004
2004     -     King Street Junior Revisited – Lost and Found, Ice, Rumours, Flaming June, This Is Your Life by Jim Eldridge – 13th series for BBC Radio 4 – prod John Fawcett Wilson – part of Geoff Long in 5 of 6 eps – TX weekly from 23rd July 2004
2004     -     A Sunset Touch by Howard Spring dramatised by D J Britton in 2 parts for BBC Radio 4 – dir (in Cardiff) Alison Hindell – part of Roger Menheniot – TX Sun 10th Oct 04 1500 rpt 16th 2100 & Sun 17th Oct rpt 23rd
2004     -     Funny How We Don’t Talk Anymore by Francis Conolly for the BBC 7 series Dimension 7 – dir Anne Edyvean – part of PC Tooms – 1st TX Tues 26th Oct 1145
2004     -     Disappearing Island by Nigel Richardson – a Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4 – prod/dir Karen Rose – part of Mr Wilson of Elleray – 1st TX Thurs 30th Dec 04 @ 1415 rptd. Thurs 1st June 2006 R4
2004     -     And We Flew Into Bethlehem short story by Michael Morpurgo for BBC Radio4 – prod Gemma Jenkins – TX Mon 20th Dec @ 1530
2005     -     King Street Junior Revisited 14th series for BBC Radio 4 (includes ep 100) 6 eps – A Whole New Year, In The News, It’s Behind You, To the Barricades, Turning the Tables, Centenary, - Prod - John Fawcett Wilson – part of Geoff Long Tx weekly from Fri 1st April 05 – latest Tx (whole series) Sept 2010
2005     -     File on Four – Selby: Life after the Pits prod. Sally Chesworth – part of Presenter – Tx BBC Radio 4 1100 to 1130 Mon 17th Jan 05
2005     -     Much Ado About Nothing by Wm Shakespeare adapted by Paul Brennen for BBC World Service – dir David Hitchinson – part of Dogberry – Tx 10th/11th Dec 05
2005     -     Nothing Sacred based on the novel by Ivan Turgenev by George Walker adapted by Brian Wright for BBC World Service – dir David Hitchinson – part of Bailiff – Tx 31st Dec 05
2006     -     Carleton Hobbs Bursary Award 2006 - member of judging panel (Chair – Toby Swift) for BBC Soundstart
2006     -     A Bitter Harvest interactive murder mystery by Mike Walker – prod Duncan McLarty for BBC Radio Berkshire + website – part of Jack Transom – Tx w/comm. 8th May 06 (continuing on website)
2006     -     Baron Bodo’s Bash interactive BBC Jam educational 3D game for History Key Stage 1 – prod Amanda Willett – part of Jem the Shovellor
2006     -     Accidental Entertainers (The Brothers Grimm) feature by BBC Cymru Music Dept. for Radio4 produced by Deborah Preston – presented by Michael Rosen – part of Reader
2006     -     The Plimsoll Sensation by Nicolette Jones – abridged in 5 eps and produced by Jane Marshall (Jane Marshall Productions) for BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week – Tx week 26 (w/comm. 3rd July 06)
2006     -     Rubbish sitcom series for radio in 6 eps by Tony Bagley for BBC Radio 4 – prod/dir Claire Bartlett – part of Roger (5 eps) – Tx weekly from Thurs 5th Oct 06 1102pm
2007     -     Second Chances by Amanda Dalton – last in series of 3 plays for BBC Radio 4 – prod/dir Nadia Molinari – part of Stephen - Tx Wed 18th July 07
2007     -     Coffeebreak – daily serial (‘soap’ for national commercial radio) by Billy Byrd for Somethin’ Else sponsored by Nescafe – dir Claire Neal - prod Sam Bryant – part of Don – Tx of 65 two min. eps. daily from 12th March 07
2007     -     Let’s Make a Story (Mr Gumpy’s Outing, The Tale of the Turnip, The Jumblies) sQuarish prods for BBC School Radio – Autumn Term 07 (BBC Radio 4 Digital) – prod Barry Gibson – part of Storyteller/Presenter
2007     -     Otherkin by Laura Wade BBC Radio 4 prod. Steven Canny part of Roger
2007     -     No Tomatoes by Ian Potter – comedy series for BBC Radio 7 (digital) prod Paul Hardy – various characters and monologues – Tx 6 x 15 mins weekly from 24th Sept. 07
2007     -     Witness by Nick Warburton – two in series of five plays based on the gospel of Luke for BBC Radio 4 - 1. The Lake & 2. Outsiders dir: Jonquil Panting – part of Andrew Tx 17th/18th Dec 07
2008     -     Snow in July by Alice Nutter dir by Susan Roberts for BBC Radio 4 part of Fred Tx Tues 8th Jan 08
2009     -     Words and Music – The Best Days of Our Lives 75 minutes of poetry, prose and music about going to school – prod Helen Garrison for BBC Radio 3 – readers Sarah Lancashire and Paul Copley – Tx 14th June 09
2010     -     Everyone Quite Likes Justin ep 1 All Change by Justin Moorhouse and Jim Poyser – rec with live audience – prod Steven Canny – part of Ray Tx TBC
2010     -     Words and Music – Afterlife – prod Ruth Thompson for BBC Radio 3 – readers Sophie Okonedo and Paul Copley – Tx 22:15 Sun 29th Aug ‘10
2010     -     Saturday Live – Christmas Day edition – prod. Simon Clancy – Soundscape interview as Father Christmas – Tx 25/12/10
2011     -     I Before Bee by Chris Wilson dir by Pauline Harris for BBC Radio 4 part of Michael Snr Tx Tues 11th Jan ‘11
2011     -     Once More With Feeling by Kieran Prendiville a serial in 5 episodes dir Clive Brill – Pacificus production for BBC Radio 4 Part of Les Tx 30/5 to 3/6/11 1045 daily rptd. 1945
2011     -     Everyone Quite Likes Justin by Justin Moorhouse & Jim Poyser – a series in 4 episodes (live audience) 1. Italian Affair 2. Job 3. Death 4. House - dir Steve Canny for BBC Radio 4 – part of Ray Tx 29/6, 6,13,20/7/11 at 11.30
2011     -     Disconnected by Richard Monks – a serial in 5 eps – dir Marc Beeby – part of Ray – Tx BBC Radio 4 17th – 21st Oct 2011, 1045 daily rptd 1945
2011     -     The Last Executioner by Peter-Jakob Kelting trans. David Zane Mairowitz – dir Toby Swift – part of Matter – Tx BBC Radio 3 The Wire 15th Oct ‘11
2012     -     Everyone Quite Likes Justin by Justin Moorhouse & Jim Poyser – a series in 6 eps (live audience) 1. One Helluva Reunion 2. Two 3. Three’s a Crowd 4. Fore! 5. Live at Five 6. Knocked for Six dir Steve Canny for BBC Radio 4 - part of Ray – Tx comm.. Mon 3rd Sept 2012
2013     -     Pilgrim – Mullerby Fair by Sebastian Baczkiewicz – one in a series of plays about the supernatural – dir Marc Beeby – part of Carter – Tx BBC Radio 4 1415 on Thurs 21st Feb 2013
2013     -     Greeks – King Midas adapted by Nigel Bryant –fourth in a series of programmes for schools – dir Andrew Barnes – part of King Midas – BBC School Radio Tx Summer 2013
2013     -     Behind Closed Doors: One of the Lads 2nd in a series of 3 dramas by Clara Glynn – prod/dir David Ian Neville for BBC radio 4 – part of Judge/Chief Constable – Tx 1415 on Wed 12th June 2013
2013     -     The Morpeth Carol by Tim X Atack dir. Marc Beeby for BBC Radio 4 – part of Harry – Radio Academy Awards Gold Award for Drama 2014
2013     -     Tom Wrigglesworth’s Hang Ups series in 4 eps (live audience) by Tom Wrigglesworth and James Kettle dir/prod Katie Tyrrell for BBC Radio 4 – part of Dad - Richard Wrigglesworth – Tx weekly Wednesdays from 30th Oct at 18:30 rptd. Aug 2015 Mondays 11:30
2014     -     Voting Back Home - the Electoral Commission’s Overseas Voter Registration campaign - writer Paul Burke - Brian Jenkins Radio Production for commercial stations overseas
2014     -     Hearts and Minds: The Siege of Musa Qala by Adrian Bean dir James Robinson for BBC Radio 4 part of Hamza Bismillah Tx Mon 10th March at 1415
2014     -     The Carleton Hobbs Bursary Award 2014 – member of judging panel of 5 (chair Jonquil Panting) sitting Mon 3rd to Thurs 6th March to choose 4 winners (5 month contract with Radio Drama) and 4 runners-up (1 freelance engagement) from 76 entrants – 4 from each of 19 colleges.
2014     -     Tom Wrigglesworth’s Hang Ups series 2 ep 1 Lost & Found by Tom Wrigglesworth & James Kettle dir/prod. Katie Tyrrell for BBC Radio 4 (live audience at Lowry Quays Theatre, Salford during Comedy Festival) part of Mr W Tx TBC November 2014
2014     -     Living in Spain – Dream (50”) & Nancy Barnes (40”) – Foreign & Commonwealth Office passport information – Brian Jenkins Radio Production – overseas use
2014     -     Man About the House : The Top Back short story by Andrew Martin dir Duncan Minshull for BBC Radio 4 part of Reader Tx Oct ‘14
2014     -     Tom Wrigglesworth’s Hang Ups series 2 eps. 2 Running on Empty 3 The Point of No Return 4 Earn Your Corn 5 The Well of Loneliness 6 The Separatists by Tom Wrigglesworth and James Kettle dir/prod Sam Michell (live audience at Radio Theatre, BH London) part of Dad (Richard W) Tx weekly Tuesdays from 11th Nov at 18:30
2014     -     Stories in the Stars by Susanna Hislop Libra, Ara, Carina, Cepheus & Pictor dir Jill Waters – Waters Company prod. for Radio 4 Book of the Week - part of Reader with Noma Dumazweni, Maggie Steed et al Tx Christmas Wk 2014.
2014     -     The Great, Grand, Soap-Water Kick – short story by Jane Gardam dir Jill Waters – Waters Company for BBC Radio 4Xtra part of Reader Tx TBC
2014     -     Grace – short story by Jane Gardam dir Jill Waters – Waters Company for BBC Radio 4Xtra – part of Reader Tx TBC
2015     -     Tom Wrigglesworth’s Hang Ups series 3 eps The Madman in the Attic, Profit & Loss, How to Make a Killing, The Animal Lovers, Night School & A Christmas Not Special by Tom Wrigglesworth and James Kettle dir/prod Richard Morris part of Dad Tx Wednesdays 18:30 - 18th Nov – 23rd Dec
2016     -     The Periodic Table by Primo Levi ep.4 Lead adaptd. By Graham White dir. Emma Harding part of Reader/Rodmund
2016     -     BBC Audio Drama Awards Sunday 31st January – Award Giver
2016     -     Sylvia’s Lovers by Elizabeth Gaskell dramatised by Ellen Dryden in 2 parts - dir/prod Pauline Harris for BBC Radio 4 Classic Serial part of Daniel Robson Tx 8th & 15th March 2016 15:02
2016     -     The Winter’s Tale by Wm Shakespeare dir David Hunter for BBC Radio 3 – part of Shepherd – Tx TBCh
2016     -     Tracks - thriller series in 9 parts by Matthew Broughton ep 5 Hippocampus & ep 6 Nociceptors (Tx 6th and 13th Sept 2016 at 14:15) dirs James Robinson and Helen Perry for BBC Radio 4 - with Romola Garai and Alex Beckett – part of Dr Nick Kading – series commences Tx Tues 9th August.
2016     -     Tom Wrigglesworth’s Hang Ups - series 4 eps Big Tom and the Hendersons, Strangers on a Train, A Case for Reconstruction & A Dance to the Music of Tom by Tom Wrigglesworth and James Kettle prod. Richard Morris – part of Dad (Mr W) Tx TBC
2017     -     Ladhood - series 2 - eps 1 (First Year) and 4 (Fourth Year) written and performed by Liam Williams – prod. Joe Nunnery – part of Dad/Kevin
2017     -     Saving the Blue by Steve Waters – dir Boz Temple-Morris – Holy Mountain production for BBC Radio 4 – part of Heath Tx Mon 13th Nov 2017
2019     -     Words and Music – The Commute - compilation prog. dir. Chris Elcombe – Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio3 – part of reader
2019     -     The Archers - episodes commencing 7th February – editor Jeremy Howe – dirs. inc Kim Greengrass, Marina Caldarone for BBC Radio 4 – part of Leonard Berry
2019     -     Tom Wrigglesworth’s Hang Ups - series 5 – eps The Bubbles Get Up Your Nose, Richard Wrigglesworth’s Hang Ups, Back on the Chain Gang & No Rest for the Wrigglesworths by Tom Wrigglesworth and James Kettle prod. Richard Morris – part of Dad (Richard W) Tx Thursdays from September 12th
2019     -     Trip the Light Fantastic - 2 hander by Miriam Battye – prod./dir Becky Ripley – BBC Bristol for BBC Radio 4 – part of Jack.
2019 - 22     -     The Archers - episodes commencing 7th February 2019 – editor Jeremy Howe – dirs. inc Kim Greengrass, Marina Caldarone, Peter Leslie Wild et al for BBC Radio 4 – continuing part of Leonard Berry
2022     -     The Ambridge Mystery Plays - The Passion - adapted by Nick Warburton for BBC Radio 4 Tx Sunday 2nd January 2022 prod. Jeremy Howe - dir. Kim Greengrass - parts of Lame Man, Caiaphas & Joseph of Arimathea.
2022     -     Words and Music - Cats - Tx BBC Radio 3 Sunday 15th May 17:30

Plus much work for Schools, Features and Drama including Book at Bedtime, Morning Stories etc etc.

1990     -     The Railway Children from the novel prod. John Taylor part of Perks BBC Worldwide Audiotapes
1992     -     Tales from the Perilous Realm - Smith of Wootton Major by Tolkien adapt. Brian Sibley prod. John Taylor part of Smith BBC Worldwide Audiotapes
1994     -     Sons and Lovers by D.H.Lawrence adapted and produced by Christopher Venning for Penguin Classics Audiotapes (literary editor Jan Paterson)
1994     -     Kilby Welfare by Rick Sumner - stories from a pit village told, with Tony Capstick, for the 'Justice for Mineworkers Campaign'
1995     -     Open Learning Course for United Road Transport Union. Co-Presenter with John Salthouse Compiled and produced by Michael Bartlett/Business Sound Ltd
1996     -     The Year of the Worm by Ann Pilling - a Puffin novel for children - Produced by Robert Nichol Audio Productions for Chivers Audiobooks.
1997     -     Adam Bede by George Eliot abridged by Elizabeth Bradbury - produced by Anne Rosenfeld for Penguin Classics Audiobooks
2001     -     King Lear by Wm Shakespeare - part of Fool (Corin Redgrave as Lear) - dir Cherry Cookson for BBC Radio Collection
2001     -     Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell - part of George Wilson - dirs. Claire Grove/Tracey Neale for BBC Radio Collection
2001     -     Doctor Who – Spare Parts – part of Dad Hartley – dir Gary Russell for Big Finish Productions (licensed by BBC Worldwide)
2012     -     Bernice Summerfield – Missing Persons – part of Jimmy Deel – dir Scott Handcock for Big Finish Productions
2013     -     Graceless – The Edge (series 3 part 1) by Simon Guerrier – part of Dennis – dir Lisa Bowerman for Big Finish Productions

1976     -     Hitch Sunday night rehearsed reading at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs. Concerns the involuntary involvement of a lorry driver in the planting of a bomb. With Jan Winters and Geoffrey Freshwater Dir. David Halliwell
1977     -     Pillion Bush Theatre, later recorded by BBC TV prod. Richard Eyre. Set in the shed belonging to a motorcycle enthusiast at a crucial turning point in his life. With Edward Peel, Billy McColl, Niall Padden, Kevin Moreton, Caroline Embling and Lynne Miller Dir. Chris Parr
1979     -     Viaduct Encounters between a young textile labourer, a newly married couple and a reclusive old man on scrubland beneath a railway viaduct. With Anthony Milner, Annie Hully and Brian Hayes Dir. Simon Stokes
1980     -     Trailer Stephen Joseph Studio Theatre, Scarborough. A glimpse of the claustrophobic problems of a young office clerk, and his attempts at solving them. Set around a small camping trailer in a filling station yard. With Michael Simkins and Abigail McKern Dir. Robin Herford
1981     -     Tapster Stephen Joseph Theatre-in-the-Round, Scarborough - July 81; Bush Theatre - Oct 81. A study of a Yorkshire family seeking self-determination. Set in a pub in the Pennines. With Gillian Bevan, Christine Kavanagh and Russell Dixon Dir. Robin Herford -Scarborough With Gabrielle Lloyd,Lesley Claire O'Niell,Dickon Ashworth and David Quilter Dir. Baz Taylor - Bush
1984     -     Fire-eaters Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn/Croydon Warehouse co-production. Examines the friendships, rivalries and ambitions of two photographic students and the women in their lives. With Amanda Pays, Amanda Symonds, Tim Brierley and Iain Mitchell Dir. Pip Broughton
1986     -     Calling Stephen Joseph Theatre-in-the-Round, Scarborough. Involving the crisis in self-confidence of a young woman teacher in Sheffield, both in her job and in her marriage; and her subsequent entanglements in a seaside amusement arcade. With Serena Evans, Stanley Page, Edward Peel and Nigel Cooke Dir. Robin Herford
1986     -     On May-Day Radio play. Radio 4 Sunday Play – Tx Nov 23rd '86 and World Service Play of the Week during Jan '87. Takes a present day tourist and a wartime Polish exile through Siberia - comparing their experiences. Ultimately involves the Chernobyl disaster. (Writer was travelling in the then USSR during April/May '86 - the time of the disaster.) Repeated Monday 29th April 1996 on Radio 4. Latest repeat – Monday 1st May 2006 on Radio 7 (4 extra) – twenty years on. With Natasha Pyne, Christopher Fairbank, Jan Winters and Bryan Pringle Dir. Ned Chaillet
1987     -     Magellan Radio play - 20 minute episode for BBC School Radio series "Explorers" on Radio 5. Prod./Dir. Derek Farmer
1989     -     Calling Radio version of stage play. Radio 4 Saturday Night Theatre during March '89. With Diane Bull, Dave Hill Dir. Tony Cliff
1990     -     Shakespeare in Africa - 30 minute feature Radio 4 (Tx March 7th 1990) - Diary of events, with actuality, including an attempted military coup, whirling dervishes and enthusiastic kids from Hippo Valley High School; during a British Council tour of "Twelfth Night" to Ethiopia, Sudan and Zimbabwe. Presenters - Natasha Pyne and Paul Copley Prod. Peter Fozzard
1990     -     Clean Team - 20 minute screenplay for British Rail corporate video magazine programme -Crown TV production. Presenter - Derek Griffiths Prod. Clive Halls
1991     -     Penelope's Pendant - 30 minute dramatisation of Douglas Hill's children's novel. Berwick Kalor as the goblin. for BBC Radio 5. Prod./Dir. Peter Fozzard
1992     -     Sally's Tree 60 minute radio play for children in two parts - commissioned for and accepted by BBC Radio 5 - later became a victim of the cuts thereto. Prod. Peter Fozzard
1993     -     Tipperary Smith - 60 minute radio play - BBC Radio 4 - TX March 24th 1994. The adventures of a Bradford woman in the Far East. With Natasha Pyne and Barbara Durkin Prod./Dir. Ned Chaillet Commended by European Broadcasting Union (Turin - Sept. 1994)
1993     -     Barclays Business Bankers - 4 X 10 minute screenplays for corporate training videos - dramatic reconstructions of banker/customer encounters in various situations. Shot on location in SW London by Barclays Video Unit. Prod. Clive Halls Dir. Garth Tucker
1994     -     Planning Success for your Business - 29 minute screenplay - corporate video for use by Barclays Bank small-business clients (public distribution). Shot on location in SW London September 1994 by Barclays Network Productions Prod. Clive Halls Dir. Mike Vardy
1995     -     King Street Junior - "Mr Chips" - episode1(30 min.) of popular comedy/drama (series 8) for BBC Radio 4. First TX 19th April 1995 rptd. December. Creator: Jim Eldridge With James Grout, Karl Howman & guest - Trevor Peacock Prod./Dir. John Fawcett Wilson
1996     -     King Street Junior - "A Bridge to Afar" ( guests - Ronald Hines & John Hollis) and "Financial Times" (guests - Tilly Vosburgh and Danny Webb) 2 x 30 min episodes (3 &7 for series 9). BBC Radio 4 Creator: Jim Eldridge Prod./Dir. John Fawcett Wilson
1996     -     Words Alive! - "Bonfire Night" "The Green Banana Hunt" "The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch" "Ice Creams for Rosie" and "Come to the Party" - 5 x 15 min programmes for 7 to 9 year-olds exploring language and vocabulary with 'food' as a theme and including stories and poems by other writers. BBC School Radio latest tx September 2002 (3 progs) With Paul Copley and David Holt Prod. Andrew Barnes
1996     -     Words Alive! - "Jen and Slippers" "The Bed and Breakfast House" "Moving" "Don't Forget to Write"and "The Village of Round and Square Houses" - 5 x 15 min progs for 7 to 9 year olds exploring personal writing - diaries, logbooks, letters, poems and stories. Serial - featuring Jen, her cat Slippers and a talking computer. BBC Education – Radio latest tx Jan/Feb 2003 With Carla Prosser, David Holt, Dona Croll and Natasha Pyne Prod. Andrew Barnes
1997     -     Words Alive! - Storywriting 3 x 15 min progs "Beginnings", "Middles" & "Ends" exploring the mechanics of storywriting and elements of grammar for 7 to 9 yr olds. BBC Education - Radio With Paul Copley, David Holt and Annette Badland Prod. Andrew Barnes
1997     -     Words Alive! - Writing 'Instructions' 2 x 15 min progs "The list is lost" & "Wallace Wordsworth is lost for words" exploring the nature and functions of instructions with practical illustrations and child participation (tasks) for 7 to 9 yr olds. BBC Education – Radio latest tx Feb 2003 With Paul Copley, David Holt Prod. Andrew Barnes
1996     -     Odysseus and the Cyclops (published Sept 98) play retelling the story with six characters. “Literacy World – Stage 3 Plays” Heinemann Primary Editor – Mary Mackill
1998     -     King Street Junior - “Target Practice” 1 x 30 min ep. (Ep.4 for series 10) transmitted Oct '98 (this ep. TX 19th October 98, repeated April 99) BBC Radio 4 Created by Jim Eldridge Producer John Fawcett Wilson
1998     -     Words Alive! – 3 x 15 min progs “Benny the Buzz in a tizz” “Benny in a Giant Jam” and “Benny and the Beanstalk” exploring dialogue (recorded speech, direct speech, and play script) BBC Education – Radio With Paul Copley, David Holt, Natasha Pyne, Gerard McDermott & Jilly Bond Producer Andrew Barnes
1999     -     Chaucer's 'The Pardoner's Tale' (published Feb 99) play retelling the tale in rhyme with seven characters. “Literacy World – Stage 4 Plays” Heinemann Primary Editor – Mary Mackill
2000     -     Jennifer Jenks and her Excellent Day Out & Loki the Mischief Maker (published April 2000) Brilliant Publications "Fun with Plays" for 7 - 11 year olds Editor Irene Yates.
Plus contributions to various biogs and theatre publications including:
- 2004     -     Which Side are you On? by Anthony Hayward – Ken Loach and His Films (in chapter 11 - Days of Hope) Bloomsbury
- 2007     -     The Royal Court Theatre Inside Out by Ruth Little & Emily McLaughlin (in chapter 7 – Max Stafford-Clark) Oberon Books
- 2011     -     Close-up Magic - 40 Years at The Bush Theatre ed. Neil Burkey (in Section 2 – The Burgeoning Bush) Third Millennium
- 2016     -     Performing King Lear: Gielgud to Russell Beale by Jonathan Croall - Bloomsbury